Oral Sedation

Oral (pill) sedation is another popular option of dental sedation, helping you to be relaxed during dental procedures.

After consulting with Dr. Cirac about your health history and dental needs, you may be prescribed a pill to be taken orally the night before your appointment, and/or a few hours prior to the appointment.  We typically prescribe a benzodiazepine, such as Valium®, Xanex®, or Halcion®.  Dr. Cirac will prescribe the proper dose and drug for your situation.  

Oral sedation works as a sedative to make you feel sleepy, and as an anti-anxiety medication to relieve anxiety.  For most individuals, you will be relaxed leading up to the appointment, and are more likely to be calm and free of anxiety during the procedure.  Since you may already be under the effect of the medication on the way to our office, we require that you make arrangements for transportation.  You should not drive or operate machinery for 24 hours following oral sedation.


Mild to moderate sedation for:

  • mildly fearful children and adults
  • patients with easily stimulated gag reflex
  • patients who require a lot of treatment in one visit
  • Simple to take
  • Low Cost
  • Often used as a pre-medication before intravenous sedation


  • Mild sedation (may not be enough for some patients)
  • Prior arrangements for transportation required
  • Not quickly reversible, duration and extent of sedative effects vary by patient and medication prescribed
  • Patient must be in good overall health

If you are avoiding visiting the dentist due to fear or anxiety, talk to Dr. Cirac about how oral sedation can help you get the dental care you need.